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Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising. Advertising article and organization of advertising campaign

Portals of Max-TD are universal platforms for Internet advertising. Today, open sources of Max-TD provide for wide opportunities in advertising campaigns, where one of the most effective tools is context advertising.

During the advertising campaign publication of PR-article in collaboration with Max-TD allows the company to strengthen its reputation and provide its services to the widest range of potential consumers. Portals of Max-TD offer different options for publishing promotional articles, news, press releases, announcements or other important proposals of the advertiser.

Publication of promotional articles

Advertising articles on the portals of Max-TD can be placed in the usual publication of all editorials. One of the main conditions: the subject of the article should match the theme of the portal. The best results are achieved with the publication of texts of 300 - 400 words with pictures (up to 5 photos in the text, each size 240 pixels). The advertiser is responsible for providing articles and photos. He must provide the necessary copyrights, namely the right to publish texts and pictures.

Promotional articles are posted on the selected portal for 1 year. Further, the placing period may be extended. At the request the article can be translated into other languages and posted on portals with other foreign languages. Of course, it makes sense to advertise services of the company in the segment where it can provide for a language. Only in this case received subsequent clients’ requests can be processed.

On some portals there is an opportunity to register in the directory and add the expanded company information (company profile). Thus, the advertiser gets an opportunity to add texts and photos and to update the information. Additional items that are not identified in the online form of the portal is possible in accordance with the current price list of Poezdka Media.

Written and published advertising article is marked as advertising. It also identifies the advertiser's contact details. Within the overall concept of the portal in the article are posted up to 2 active links to the resources of the portal.

Publication of advertising articles on one or more portals must be well planned, so at the client's request we can facilitate the development of individual proposals for the advertiser in accordance with the aims. Also we will be glad to assist in writing of promotional articles by our authors for the advertiser.

It is advisable to place articles that are connected with the topics of the portal. Poezdka Media reserves the right without explanation to refuse publishing of articles with photos.

News and offers of the companies

Latest news and offers of the companies can be published in the News section. Some news of the portals of the Max-TD company is listed in the news on Yandex and Google. Thus, to the clients of the portals of Max-TD are added readers of the largest Internet news portals. News, announcements and current proposals will be published in the time specified by the advertiser. Articles will be available on the main page for a few days.

Advertisers, who regularly post news, press releases and announcements on the portals of Max-TD, may be offered special conditions for publishing of the desired number of news on the basis of a monthly fee.

Photo gallery

On some portals of Max-TD exist galleries with the option of adding by visitors to their photos for private use. Typically, the gallery consists of photographs (234 Pixel), the main text, as well as 4 - 10 pictures in high resolution (1,5 MB) with a small description.

The same gallery can be created on the order of the advertiser. The client provides for some texts and photos with a license for free use for visitors of Max-TD portals.


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