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Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is one of the most effective formats of online advertising. It forms the image of the company, informs visitors, supports popularity of the company on a particular market segment. Banner advertising is a direct and immediate means of attracting clients.

Banner Advertising: 
- Creates a positive image of the company;
- Increases popularity of the brand or the company;
- Attracts the attention of visitors;
- Inform potential clients;
- Stands out among competitors;
- Increases number of visitors of the company’s site

Poezdka Media site offers placing banners on the website of the company Max-TD Pty Ltd. It includes travel such portals as www.cottages-for-holidays.com, www.city-of-hotels.com and many others.

 Currently (2012) only portals for tourism and accommodation booking generate about 1,5 million visitors each month with the number of viewings about 4,5 million per month. The number of visitors and the number of viewings is growing.

Network of tourism portals of the Max-TD company is among the most visited portals in the tourism sector. Sites are focused on a target audience who are interested in traveling. Among the visitors are family tourists, travelers, lovers of luxury holiday, honeymooners, retirees, students, representatives of tourist industry. Thus, banner ads on these portals aimed at tourist market segment.

Network of other portals of Max-TD is provided in other areas, such as «garden», «shopping» and others.

Managing of banner advertising on all Max-TD portals is the central task. Banner ads can be located on all sites of Max-TD and on separately selected. For example, portals can be sorted by subject, language segment, country, specific interests or sites. Counting of the viewings is made by the company Max-TD. It contains a list with accurate viewings and clicks for each ad campaign. Banners are located on a central server and are linked with Ajax.

Banner sites

On the portals of the Max-TD are presented various sites for placing of banners. Dimensions are designed for standard sizes of banners.

468*60 (Full Size) of the top or the bottom. This is a classic banner size. The two positions have distinctive qualities. The banner at the top is located right in the field of view of visitors as soon as they open the page. The banner at the bottom is below the center of the page and is visible to visitors after scrolling the page.

200*200 (Small Square) on the right side. Banner on the right side is in the field of view of visitors. The width of the banner is fixed, but the height can be changed at the request of the advertiser, i.e., it is possible to place large-height sized banners. Prices that are given in the price list are for the standard size of the banner. Cost of the larger banner increases by 25%.

234*60 (Halve Size) on the left side. Banners of various sizes can be placed here. 234 * 60 pixels is a standard size. However, the banner can be increased up to 250 pixels in width and the desired size in height. Thus, the size of the banner on the right 250 * 250 is also possible on the left side. Indicated in the price list prices are for standard sizes of banners. A larger banner will cost for 25% more. Navigation of the portals on the left side not in every case will allow placing a banner immediately in sight of the reader.

Banners on the right and on left sides of the portal can be both of the minimum size of 30 pixels in height and reach maximum size in height of 400 pixels.

Banners of other sizes are possible after the agreement in payment and placing conditions.

Banner are provides by advertisers in jpg. or gif format and no larger than 45 Kb. The optimum size of the banner is 10 - 20 Kb. Placing a banner larger or in a different format, for example, swf, is possible after additional discussion of conditions and prices.



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