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Poezdka Media offers advertisers unique conditions for advertising campaigns on the Internet. Internet portals of Poezdka Media are divided into groups, which allows advertisers to make the best choice depending on the target audience. Advertising on Poezdka Media portals is focused both on corporate customers and individuals.

Aims of Internet advertising

Success of the campaign depends on the target.

Internet advertising has different goals that can be achieved in different ways, using multiple advertising formats. For the advertising campaign goal setting and choice of audience is one of the most important tasks, especially when it comes to informing and becoming the most famous company in a particular market segment. Knowing the goal is also important for the creator of advertising product. Only in this case optimal offer can be made for the advertiser.

Target audience

Key to successful advertising campaign is the exact definition of the target audience. After the selection of potential customers advertising message is formed and methods and formats of placing are chosen.

Internet portals of Poezdka Media divided into thematic segments and presented in several languages. Thanks to the linguistic division of the portals advertising campaign can be conducted through regional coverage (countries, regions, cities).

Uniting of the portals on specific topics allows users to choose their topic of interest. Thus, with each step the advertiser will be able to more accurately determine the target audience that will allow more effective preparing and placing of advertising message. In this case, each user of the portal Poezdka Media will become the most valuable potential customer for the advertiser.

Formats of Internet advertising

Poezdka Media offers a variety of advertising formats on its web sites:
- Banner ads;
- PR-articles, news;
- Placement in the directories;
- And unusual advertising opportunities.
Combination of different advertising formats, aimed at specific target audience, achieves the best results.

Poezdka Media Company does not use some of the advertising format services on their Internet portals. Advertising, which was rejected by most of internet users, and also perceived as intrusive - not included in the portfolio of Poezdka Media. These include pop-ups or pop-unders, i.e. those advertising formats that lead to bad reputation of the portal and, in our opinion, form a negative image of the advertiser. The advertising campaign should attract customers, but not repel them.

We hope that Internet portals of Poezdka Media and its capabilities will be useful in developing of your business.

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